Our Causes

We believe that Africa's best assets are the youths who thrive everyday to have a better future. We will only have a brighter tomorrow when we have qualified youths who are capable of addressing africa's indigenous problems.


STEM Education is a fundamental way to get africa involved in the 5th generation era. We train youths especially girls/women in STEM related domains and robotics, this is to foster their passion and interest in problem solving using technology. We thrive to reduce the gap in access to technology between men and women.

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Engaging women in technology is crucial to Africa's development; a continent where more 50% of the population are women. We thrive to have leading female Tech-entrepreneurs by organising STEM/robotics training sessions centered on entrepreneurship, leadership and technical skills.

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Technology is an equaliser of our time, hence we support digital start-ups specifically addressing Africa's own development problems (including the rural problems) via the use of Artificial intelligence / robotics. We also run AI/Robotics research and development unit as part of our robotics academy initiative.

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